Kafal House is beautifully located with a amazing view of the valley all the way to Corbett. The rooms with the valley are amazing, in the evenings, you can sit out and watch an amazing sunset. The other advantage of the property is that it faces their garden. This place was alive with birds. On our first night there, we forgot to switch off the corridor light and because of the all the insects that came, we literally had birds at our doorstep. The beautiful red-billed blue magpie, dark-headed jay, the Sibia and many more not even a metre away from us. Wonderful! The hotel itself is staffed by very helpful and friendly people. We were eating at the Jungle Lore lodge restaurant and for those you don’t like or have difficulty walking, be warned that that is quite a few (big) steps down from Kafal house. We were quite happy to do this walk and work up an appetite as the food was excellent. The dining hall is decorated with much love. We ended up going early for all meals simply to enjoy the room and the books in it! All in all, a wonderful stay. I am sure that we will go back.