Set beside some of the most beautiful cedar, pine, and oak trees with mountains, valleys, stars, and clouds providing the perfect backdrop. The Kafal House offers 6 bedrooms, 4 are valley facing and 2 have garden views, all with large windows, comfortable interiors, and attached bathrooms. Each room comprises cozy twin beds, out of which four are on the first floor and two are on the ground floor. Each of the cottages has its own verandah with sitting areas to soak in the sun or enjoy the spectacular views. The design provides good ventilation and the wooden-tin roof gives good insulation in cold weather.

Cheer Nest Cottage

The Perfect Family Cottage in Pangot
Cheer Nest Cottage.

This is a cozy family cottage is equipped with a double bed, a wooden attic with two separate floor mattresses, an en suite toilet with a WC and a hot shower, a small sit-out overlooking the valley.

Dining Room
Located on the top floor is the dining room, a perfect spot to meet other guests and make new friends.