Useful Information

About Lodge: The lodge is oriented to cater to birders, meditators, nature lovers & photographers, researchers, etc. This place is ideal for those who are looking for a great Himalayan experience, a quiet relaxing peaceful getaway.
Check-in and check-out time: Check-in time is 1200 hours and check-out time is 1100 hours (Early check-in and late check-out is subject to availability)
Rooms: Our rooms are all very well equipped. All items have been carefully chosen and used in the rooms such as mattresses, duvets, clean linen, pillows, mats, etc. These are not luxurious but give you the comforts of other than any standard hotel. Hot air blower heaters are provided in winter on request. Please let us know if there is anything else you require such as hot water bags, extra blankets, or pillows. 
Washrooms: Toilet amenities such as fresh towels, soaps, etc. are provided of standard quality.
Parking: Vehicles can drive up to the main gate of the resort. 
Driver Stay: Drivers can stay in the staff room (Extra charge of accommodation and meal costs will be applicable)
Maid Stay: No separate accommodation is available for maids. Accompanying maids will need to be accommodated in the same room and will be charged at per person guest rate.
Extra Bed / Additional person: All our rooms are appointed for double and twin occupancy. In case you need to accommodate an additional person, we charge as follows...
Children below the age of 5 are complimentary
Above 5 years: INR 1000 + 12% GST per night
Power Backup: The plug size is Standard English. The power supply in Pangot can be very erratic. The government has a load-shedding system and shuts down supply sometimes. Unfortunately, the timings of load-shedding are not fixed, the power supply may disappear in the mornings on some days, and in the afternoon on others. We have an inverter battery backup so you will not have the discomfort of the darkness. As our focus is on developing a nature-centric experience at the lodge, we do not have electricity generators that cause sound and atmospheric pollution. We usually use emergency lights when there is no electricity and all pathways are lit by them at night. A staff member can escort you to your room. 
Housekeeping: Housekeeping/cleaning services are available daily. Your towels are changed on a daily basis, but if you feel they do not need replacing please leave them hanging on your towel rack. We try to use as little water and soap as possible.
Laundry Services: We do not have an in-house laundry service. We send it out to a nearby facility in the village. Hence, we are unable to take responsibility for them. If you would like your clothes laundered, please place the items in the bag and they will be laundered within 24 hours. Please note that laundry charges are extra.
Intercom Facility: We do not have an intercom facility in the rooms. Should you require anything urgently in your room you may call the hotel staff on your mobile phone.
Restaurant: We serve home-cooked Indian food. Please inform us if you have any special dietary requirements. Breakfast is served between 8 and 11 am. Lunch is served between 1 and 2.30 pm. Dinner is served from 7.30 pm till 9.30 PM.
Weather: It can sometimes be quite chilly outdoors at night, even in summer, so do dress warmly. We expect snow in winter. Unlimited hot tea, coffee, and soup can be sipped on. 
Info about Wild Mammals: The smaller mammals, wild animals & birds occasionally do enter and pass through the lodge. Guests are requested not to walk alone at night. Members of our staff will be happy to accompany guests back to their rooms. Please do not walk barefoot anywhere, not even inside your rooms. If there are unwanted guests in your rooms (spiders, insects, geckos, etc.) please alert our staff who will remove them. Macaques and Langurs visit the lodge too. Please ensure that you keep eatables away from them. If there are wild animals in the surroundings, the village dogs may bark at night causing disturbed sleep.
Tip: If you’d like to leave a tip for our staff at the end of your stay, please do not tip any of our staff individually. Many unseen hands work hard to make your stay comfortable, and we strive to divide tips between the entire staff. Please leave tips in the Tip Box. You may tip the guides directly.
Personal Valuables: We advise you to be careful with your valuables. If there is something you would like to keep safe, our manager will be happy to assist you.
Activity: Please pre-book your outings & treks with us
Drinking-Water: We serve filtered RO (Reverse Osmosis) processed water that is safe to drink. Please let us know if you prefer bottled water at all times.
Smoking Policy: We would urge our guests to refrain from smoking in and around the lodge, inside the room, and in the dining area.
Internet Connectivity: The house has no wifi and Jio mobile work in the area.
Payment options: We do not have the facility to charge credit cards at the lodge. We recommend that you carry enough spare cash to pay for hotel taxes and any extra expenses that you may incur. You can also pay using Paytm or through a payment gateway.

Essential Services

Medical First Aid Kit: We have a medical first aid kit on hand for those minor cuts and bruises. Just inform us if you need any help.
Nearest Hospital: Nainital is the closest town that has a hospital
Nearest ATM: The nearest ATM is in Nainital, 15 km from Pangot. 
Nearest Petrol Pump: Nearest petrol pump is in Nainital 33 min drive from Pangot

Booking Policy

  • Kafal house is available for groups of friends and families, and can also be booked as a single unit instead of 7 bedrooms. 
  • However, on a discretionary basis, we would accept a booking of all 4 rooms and treat it as a booking for the entire lodge

Payment Policy

  • If booking dates within a week: 100% advance payment needed at the time of booking.
  • If booking dates after 10-15 days: 50% payment needed at the time of booking and balance 50% will be made 02 days prior to the arrival.
  • If booking dates after 6 months or 01 years: Token advance will be required to confirm the booking, and the balance payment will be made one month prior to arrival.

Cancellation Policy

  • Less than 15 days before arrival date- No Refund
  • Less than 20 days before arrival date- 60% Refund
  • Less than 25 days before arrival date- 75% Refund
  • No Refund in case of a roadblock, bad weather, accidents, snowfall, no show, etc.
  • 50% of the total refundable amount (as per the above policy) will be released within 30 days of cancellation and the balance of 50% will be adjusted into future bookings.

Pet Policy

At Kafal House, a pet is not allowed

Stay Safe

  • We follow strict cleaning and hygiene guidelines in accordance with WHO guidelines.
  • The entire lodge is fully sanitized prior to the arrival of any guest and we ensure strict protocols for the same.
  • All bed linen including pillow covers, bed sheets & duvet covers used are freshly laundered and disinfected for every fresh arrival.
  • We do not encourage any chemical spray in any of our cottages for spiders and insects. If you see any spider or insect in the cottage during your stay in monsoon season, please inform our lodge team and they will remove them from the cottage. We are an eco-friendly Lodge and highly respect all wildlife