Here is some useful information on Kafal House & Pangot that we would like you to know to help plan your trip better.

The Kafal House is a 6 room lodge set on a beautiful location with the best views in Pangot.

All meals will be otherwise served in the Common dining area. It’s a good way to meet other fellow travelers, strike a conversation and share interesting stories.

This picturesque place is ideal for wildlife & nature lovers, Bird watchers, and for people who just want to relax, unwind and have a laid-back holiday.

Due to its location, may face power cuts, which are unavoidable. Being part of the Himalayan cover and passionate about maintaining its beauty, we avoid the use of generators to omit any input of carbon-dioxide by us. The cottage however is well equipped with an inverter, torches, and candles for emergencies.

To keep you warm, we have hot water showers through LPG heaters which are highly effective. During peak winters, due to the cold, the heating may be a little slow, but hot water will be provided in buckets.

Water being a valuable resource and even more precious at a location such as this, we try to minimize wastage as much as possible. If your bath towels need to be washed every day, we request you to leave them in the basket or floor in the washroom, otherwise, we will have them changed as per schedule. This really helps us to save water.

The dogs might bark at night if there are wild animals in the surroundings.

During winters, hot water bottles are readily provided in your room to keep you warm.

The cottages do not have Televisions and we are certain you won't be missing much as mother nature will leave you spellbound with her myriad colors. Nature walks, village walk, hiking, rock climbing, railing, river crossing, flying fox, are a few of the activities that you can opt for here.

Last, may we suggest you bring a small notebook along and make an entry every day, maybe add a sketch or two of the view from your room and check out the stars in the middle of the night–they are incredible!