Your pastimes can be combined with expeditions around the sanctuary, adventure, and outdoor activities that only the mountains can provide, or trips to the town of Pangot. There are many walking trails through the surrounding jungle. You can choose your trail. One of the popular walks is from the Kilbury forest rest house to Pangot. You can go through the forest or along the main road, which rarely sees vehicles pass by. The oak, pine, bamboo, cedar, rhododendron, and other conifers make the walk delightfully beautiful and refreshing. The undergrowth is as fascinating with varieties of fern and moss breaking through the rich soil.

The forest gets thicker as you walk further. The trickle of freshwater streams enriches the habitat. You can often spy on wildlife around the streams. A host of birdlife inhabits this world. An absolute dream for a birdwatcher, this walk is a must.

For those in search of relaxation, there are quiet jungle sit-outs nearby.

  • Birding
  • Treks & Hikes
  • Bonfires
  • Picnics
  • Photography
  • Boating (Nainital Lake)
  • Shopping (Bhotia Market Nainital)
  • Rappelling and zipping